The Matador (2005): Julian's Last Mission Part 4


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The clip julian's last mission Part 4 from The Matador (2005)

I've lost it, Danny.
Really? Then they're gonna kill you, Julian.
But I've lost it...
That's an unacceptable answer!
But it's the truth.
Oh, please...
Concentrate here, okey? I need you to concentrate.
Just look at me, Danny. Look at me... I'm a wreck!
I'm a parody.
You got to get up there, and finish this job.
No, no, no.
No, just leave me alone, Danny. Please, just forget everything.
I can't believe, I'm in a stairway-
trying to convince you to assassinate somebody!
Just go... just go... go.
No, we're gonna do this.
My God!
Julian, you have to... you have to, okey?
If you don't, they're gonna kill you, do you understand me?
Do you understand?
And I won't let that happen.
I refuse to let that happen, how about that?
We're gonna walk there together, and I'll talk you through it.
Okey? I'm gonna talk you right through it, and you're gonna do the job.
Okey, alright!
Up, up, up!
There you go. Okey?
And you gonna stay up there with me.
Yes, yes, yes.
Thank you.
Alright, then...
Let's go kill this fucker already, and get the hell out of here!

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