Twelve and Holding (2005): Kenny is Getting out


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The clip kenny is getting out from Twelve and Holding (2005)

The X-men one's pretty sweet.
The last batch was awesome.
I gotta go.
Wait. Wait.
Parole board Feels I've been a model prisoner.
They're giving me an early release.
How can they do that?
I don't know.
They just did.
You're pissed, aren't you?
I knew you'd be.
What happened was an accident, Jacob.
So, you're gettin' out.
Gonna head back to school?
Fuck school.
I'm going to New Mexico.
Live with my dad.
Works on a ranch out there.
You can't leave the state. It violates your probation.
My dad won't tell anybody.
No one will even notice I'm out there.
Your mom will.
Jacob, the entire time I've been in here,
you're the only one that came to see me.
She won't care.

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