Twelve and Holding (2005): Having a Picnic


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The clip having a picnic from Twelve and Holding (2005)

Don't I know you?
You're Dr. Chung's daughter.
Yeah. You remember. Um...
We were never introduced. My name's Male.
Oh, hey.
Gus. Hi.
What are you doing here?
L... I was in the mood For a picnic, um...
And I thought this would be a nice place to have one.
Move that Fucking truck!
Would you like to join me? 'Cause there's plenty of Food.
Uh, you know what, I don't go For lunch For another ten minutes, so...
I'll wait.
Meet me by that cement mixer when... when you're ready.
So last time I saw you, you were just getting back From a Funeral.
How are you doing?
Death is, like, so weird, you know?
I mean, it's sad...
...but I also Feel like I've been given this sign.
A sign which is telling me life is short, so you gotta do what makes you happy.
You gotta take chances and...
get crazy!
And what are you doing to get crazy?
L... I play the Flute.
Well, you know, that's... that's totally nuts.
The Flute.
No, not like that.
Just, you know, like every year my school has this recital.
Um, and, you know, every year,
I've been, like, too chicken to play a solo in Front of people.

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