It's Complicated (2009): Jane Gets Advice


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The clip jane gets advice from It's Complicated (2009)

Doctor Allen.
Jane, hi. Am I seeing you today?
Oh, no. I just wanted to talk. And I was wondering
if by any chance you could squeeze me in for an emergency session?
Because I'm sort of in desperate need of advice.
I brought you some coffee cake that you like.
Not as a bribe or anything. But...
I only have 20 minutes before my first patient.
Well, that's fine! I'll talk fast.
So at this point, I just need some sound, unbiased guidance.
Is having an affair with you-know-who a good thing or a bad thing?
It's a bad thing, right? This can't be... How can it be good?
It's not good, it's not bad.
I've made a list of everything
this could possibly be about at my end.
May I read it to you?
Oh, please, of course.
Because I e-mailed it to myself.
"Okay. Am I still trying to figure out why the marriage failed?
"Do I want to get back together?
"Do we have unfinished business?
"Is this about revenge? Or am I...
"Am I just lonely?
"Or is it my caretaker thing?"
I mean, the kids are finally gone now,
and all of a sudden Jake is back,
and I get to take care of him in some way.
Now, I understand. I get how therapy works. I really do.
We look at things, we examine them. Weeks turn into months.
And we're going on eight years now.
And I'm okay with that. I really am, believe me.
I... I like it, I do.
But in this case, I need you to tell me what you really think.
Like, "Don't do this. "
You know, I'd like you to say,

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