It's Complicated (2009): Jake Tries to Explain


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The clip jake tries to explain from It's Complicated (2009)

What is it, Jake?
I don't get not calling me back.
Okay, I don't care what your excuse is.
So, that's it.
She didn't go out, Jane. She changed her plans.
And every time I tried to call or write, she caught me.
I wanted to be here.
You know what?
You were worried about rocking the boat at home.
Well, you're rocking my boat now. And I don't like it!
Honey, don't let one night... You don't understand.
I'm not... I'm not even blaming you. I fully participated in this.
But I just don't want to do it anymore.
The last thing in the whole world
I should be right now is your mistress.
Sitting around at nine at night, wearing heels and perfume
and blowing all the candles out
and wrapping everything in Saran Wrap
because your wife canceled her plans.
It was just, it was... humiliating.
You lit candles?
Shut up.
Look, I've had a pretty good life these past 10 years.
I have figured it out.
I no longer feel alone or divorced. I just feel normal.
You know how long it took me to get that balance back?
No. No.
Well, I'm going in the wrong direction here.
You know, the worst part is,
it feels like it used to feel.
All the little untruths that...
Hard to catch, but they mount up.
Janey, come on. It was one mistake.
No, it's...
Everything okay out here?
Kids are getting hungry.
We're done. We were just...
Oh, Jane, it's none of my beeswax, so...
Please don't tell me.
What's up?
Nothing, punky.
So we're gonna see you tomorrow night for sure, right?
What did you see and what do you know?
Nothing. Really. Harley!
Okay, he checked in, then you arrived.
Then you met at the elevator, possible kiss there.
Then the doctor went up and the doctor came down.
Then there was a thumbs-up, but that's it.

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