It's Complicated (2009): Having an Affair Part 3


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The clip having an affair Part 3 from It's Complicated (2009)

got back together after 10 years,
their problems would be solved.
I think we're on to something.
Not sure I agree with that.
And, also, we are not back together.
And I know other divorced people think about this.
They wonder, "What if?"
You know, I think this is very French of us.
How is it French of us?
I have a young wife but I am having sex with my old wife.
Not old. You know, "ex. " I didn't mean "old. "
You're doing that thing when you act
like you're not listening to me,
but think about what I said, okay?
You got any of your homemade granola here?
It's been so long since I had any.
Oh, you miss it?
So much.
We sell it for 6.50 a bag at the store.
Yeah, well, why give it away when you can...
Ooh. Kiss goodbye?
Ooh! She wants to be courted.
I can do that. Oh, honey, thanks for the coffee.
Oh, God!

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