It's Complicated (2009): Meeting at the Bar


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The clip meeting at the bar from It's Complicated (2009)

Hi! Hi.
Adler, for one, Room 2112.
Your table is almost ready, Mrs. Adler.
Would you like to wait in the bar? Sure.
I'll have a Pinot Noir.
Right away.
No, you know, I'll have a very dry Tanqueray Martini,
straight up with a twist.
Right away.
Where's your...
Uh, Pedro got the stomach flu.
So, I'm flying solo.
Really? Didn't know you knew how to be by yourself.
Any chance you could go easy on me?
Just a one-night free pass.
You look good, Janey.
You do. You always do.
Your hair's shorter. Longer.
I like it.
Mrs. Adler? Your table is ready.
Yes? Thank you.
Do you want some company, Mrs. Adler?
Could we eat at the bar? Absolutely.
All right. We both have to eat.
When was the last time we had a meal together?
You and me? Alone? 1999.
So, come on. Once every 10 years.
So, how are things in the fertility world?
I can't believe it took you this long to bring that up.
Sperm issues?
Apparently, yes.
A baby?
Really, Jake?
So, the next time you go to a graduation, you'll be, what, 58 plus...
I believe the number you're looking for is 79.

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