It's Complicated (2009): Jane, Jake and Adam


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The clip jane, jake and adam from It's Complicated (2009)

Oh, I have an idea. Let's see if this works.
So, if we move this wall back a bit,
uh, we can bring this arch forward,
which is really where you want it, right?
Yeah, I would love that. I thought so.
I have an idea. What if we move my bedroom wall
like 6 or 8 feet that way, just so I can get more of the morning light?
Not possible?
Yes. But you'd wake up in the morning,
walk out your bedroom door and fall 12 feet into the kitchen.
I forgot it was all open up there.
But I see where you're headed,
so let me see what I can do.
By the way, this property is so great.
Have you lived here a long time?
About 10 years I tried...
Oh! I bought the place right after my divorce and, um...
It's taken me
until now to be able to finally do this.
Good morning.
Uh... Hi.
Am I interrupting?
Adam, this is my ex-husband...
Oh! ... Jake.
Adam Schaeffer, my architect.
Hi. Good to meet you.
Uh, can I take a look? Do you mind?
Wow! You're finally getting that kitchen you always wanted.
Hmm. Huge bedroom.
No, it's not huge. It's...
Why don't I show these to you a little later when we're closer to...
Uh... I, I think our next step is to stake out the addition
and see how it feels size-wise.
Yeah, that would be great.
So, I will email you and we'll set something up.
Sounds great.
Jake, nice meeting you.
Yeah, you, too.
Got time for a cup of coffee?

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