It's Complicated (2009): Meeting with the Plastic Surgeon


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The clip meeting with the plastic surgeon from It's Complicated (2009)

Hi. Hi.
Hello, I'm Doctor Moss.
Hi, I'm Jane Adler.
So, what brings you in today?
Well... Please don't take this the wrong way.
But I'm the type of person
who kind of makes fun of people who get plastic surgery.
Well, I understand that.
You do? Good. Mmm-hmm.
Because, you know, some women can look a little fake and plasticky.
And, I don't know, just, in my opinion, worse.
I agree.
Well, good. Because... Okay.
So, as against the whole thing as I... as I am,
I do have a problem that's really bugging me.
Me left eyelid is really saggy
and sometimes I find myself holding it up
when I'm watching TV or reading or...
I was just wondering if that's something you could fix.
Look straight ahead. Okay.
Well, you have the same amount of excess skin on both sides.
Really? Oh.
Well, I'm only interested in fixing one eye.
Jane, what you need to fix this is a brow-lift.
A brow-lift? What is that exactly?
Well, we surgically cut at the hairline.
We make an incision right here
and then we pull the skin back
a little tighter over your skull
and staple it in place right over your ears.
Now, recovery is not all that bad.
You could be quite numb, and you'll probably have a headache
that lasts anywhere from, say, three to six months.
Three to six months! Oh. Awesome.

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