It's Complicated (2009): Jake Left Agnes


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The clip jake left agnes from It's Complicated (2009)

Hey, sleepy.
What time did you get in?
I have no idea. Lauren and Harley drove me home.
I'm surprised you remember that.
Hi! I didn't know you slept over.
We were playing Scattergories with Gabby,
and Harley fell asleep on the couch.
Oh, sweet!
I got cold in the middle of the night.
Okay, who's hungry? Who wants what?
Hey, baby.
Hi. What is Dad doing here?
Everything okay?
I left Agnes.
No. Don't say that.
Janey, she saw it in my eyes.
Saw what?
That I'm still in love with you.
I admitted it, told her all about us, and I've left her.
For you.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
What do you mean? This is crazy, Jake!
Are you telling me the truth?
This feels so right, Jane.
What's going on?
Go set the table. I'll be right in.
Uh, Mom, nobody cares if the table's set except for you.
Okay, then do it for me. Just go in. Please?
What's up, Dad?
Uh, just having some problems on the home front.
I wanted to talk to your mom for a sec.
Uh, problems on the home front?
Is one of you seeing someone else?
Oh, no. No.
Nothing like that. I just, uh, need a hotel or something
for a few days, till I get my head together.
It's that serious?

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