Lethal Weapon 3 (1992): New Day


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The clip New day from Lethal Weapon 3 (1992)

How about treating your dad to breakfast today?
You've got six more days to go.
Laundry service.
Hold this. Hangers?
I'm springing for the soap. Nothing too fancy. Cute dog.
It's a Westie.
'Morning, Trish.
'Morning, Rog.
Good morning, Nick.
Spare me.
What, you didn't brush your teeth?
Hold it, mister.
Just looking for some orange juice.
Don't get any fingerprints on the door and put the glass in the dishwasher.
Did somebody commit a murder?
Someone's coming to see the house.
A little mess adds to the charm.
How's this?
Isn't this great? Okay?
Kelly's Pool Hall.
Right, Kelly, hi. Let me speak to Dad.
Hi, honey. How are you? I thought I asked you not to call me here.
It's for you.
Who is it? Hello?
(y:i)Hi. It's my first day at work. Are you (y:i)going to come by and wish me luck?
Beautiful, huh? Come on, check it out.
Beautiful lawn.
It's great.
See how quiet it is here? Listen.
Isn't that great? Come on.
It's quiet.
The inside's even better.
It's the people to look at the house.
And our broker.

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