Lethal Weapon 3 (1992): Boy's Room


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The clip Boy's room from Lethal Weapon 3 (1992) with Mel Gibson, Kenneth Tigar

Hey, Becker, how's it hanging?
Hey, Riggs.
Clip any wrong wires lately?
I haven't done that for a couple of days.
Next time, wait for the bomb squad.
Yeah, it's our job.
I'll remember that. We saved a cat, though.
Great. I love cats.
Go ahead, talk. I'm listening.
You purposefully withheld information concerning a case under my investigation.
Damn right, I did.
Careful, she's Internal Affairs.
You had a tip on Travis. You should have shared it with me.
No, I take that back.
You were required to share it with me.
I was "required" to share it with you?
I don't have to share shit with you.
Schoolyard rules: If you don't scratch my back, I don't throw you...
Oh, come on, Riggs. I can't do that!
Yes, you can!
Why don't you cut out this classified bullshit!
Right now! It's giving me the shits!
We're cops. You're a cop, I'm a cop. We're both on the same side, right?
Good! Why don't we start to act like it?
There are kids out there. Babies. No brains.
But they got automatic weapons.
Yesterday, my partner nailed this kid...
I know about Murtaugh.
And I'm sorry, Riggs.
Why don't you let me in on this? I can help you.
I really want to help you, if you'll let me. Let me.
What do you say? Have we got a deal?
Wash your hands and meet me in my office.
I'll be right there.
I'll be right there.

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