A Serious Man (2009): Sy Ableman's Funeral Part 2


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The clip Sy Ableman's funeral Part 2 from A Serious Man (2009) with Michael Stuhlbarg

It's a long story.
Look, you tell Gopnik, Arthur Gopnik, he's breaking the law.
We're not arresting him now, but next time we will.
Gambling's against the law in this state That's just the way it is.
All right. Go back to your thing.
Sorry, sir.
Dad, we get channel four now, but not channel seven.
Arthur, how could you do that to this family?
On Sy's...
It's hardly a crime, I mean, nobody got hurt.
That doesn't make it right!
He won a lot of money, Dad.
The Mentaculus really works!
You knew about it?
They must have finked me out.
They knew I could just go on winning,
so they blackballed me and now...
What did you do with the money you won?
What's going on?
Well, I didn't want it, and Danny said that he could use it...
That is so unfair!
What are you...
I'll tell you what's unfair.
What's unfair is them not letting me play in their card game.
Why give him the money? You know what he spends it on?
I know about the records.
Records? Do you think he buys records from Mike Fagle?
At least I'm not saving up for a nose job.
What a brat! What?
Nobody in this house is getting a nose job! You got that?
Danny! You're not excused!
We're still talking!
What was this card game, Arthur?
Some goys put together a private game.
I think that they're Italian.
Danny! What's going on?
Danny? We're sitting shiva here.

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