A Serious Man (2009): Santana Abraxas


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The clip Santana Abraxas from A Serious Man (2009) with Michael Stuhlbarg, Warren Keith

Professor Gopnik, it's Dick Dutton again.
Dick Dutton.
Hello, Mr Gopnik?
This is Dick Dutton from the Columbia Record Club.
I'm calling because it's now four months,
and we have yet to receive your first payment.
There's some mistake.
I'm not a member of the Columbian Record Club.
Sir, you are Lawrence Gopnik of 8419 Fern Hill Road?
No, I live at the Jolly Roger.
Excuse me?
No, I...
Well, yes, okay.
Yes, you are Lawrence Gopnik?
"Okay" means...
Okay, yes, Lawrence Gopnik, yes.
Okay, well, you received your 12 introductory albums,
and you've been receiving the monthly main selection for four months now...
The monthly main selection? Is that a record?
I didn't ask for any records.
To receive the monthly main selection, you do nothing. You...
That's right. I haven't done anything.
Yes, that's why you received the monthly main selection.
The last one was Santana Abraxas. You...
I didn't ask for Santana Abraxas.
You request the main selection
at the retail price by doing nothing.
It's automatically mailed to you,
plus shipping and handling.
You're about to receive...
I can't afford a new record every month!
I haven't asked...
You're about to get Cosmo's Factory, sir.
The June main selection.
Look, look, something is very wrong!
I don't want Santana Abraxas.
I've just been in a terrible auto accident.
I'm sorry, sir.
Well, thank you. But I...
Are you okay?
Yes, yes. No one was hurt.
Okay. Good.
Well, you had 14 days to listen to Santana Abraxas.

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