A Serious Man (2009): Legal Matters of Divorce


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The clip legal matters of divorce from A Serious Man (2009)

Are we eating already?
Sarah's going out.
Ow! Cut it out!
What's going on?
Isn't Dad eating?
He's at the Jolly Roger.
Oh, yeah.
How are you, Larry?
Jesus, I am so sorry
to be seeing you under these circumstances.
Oh, well...
I always thought you and Judy were rock solid.
This is so terrible, Larry. This is devastating.
Well, you know, the way I look at it,
it's an opportunity for me to really sit down and figure things out
and look at the world afresh instead of just, you know,
settling for the routine, tired old way of looking at things.
I don't know, maybe not.
Well, legally, I have to warn you,
it's never easy for the husband.
Unless, of course, there's some question
of the wife having violated the marriage contract?
Oh, no, no Nothing like that.
Although she is planning to marry Sy Ableman, but they...
Sy Ableman!
Yes. But they...
Esther is barely cold!
She passed three years ago.
Well... Still, this changes the complexion, Larry.
Sy Ableman.
Not in the sense that... T here hasn't been hanky-panky.
To my knowledge.
No I'm fairly certain this is not an issue.
And in fact, Judith wants a gett.
A what?
A ritual divorce.

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