A Serious Man (2009): Rabbi Scott's Advice


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The clip rabbi scott's advice from A Serious Man (2009) with Michael Stuhlbarg, Simon Helberg

Hello, Larry. Good to see you.
Oh. Rabbi Scott.
I thought I was going to see Rabbi Nachtner.
He was called away on an etz monim.
Ruth Brynn's mother is in the hospital and she isn't doing well.
Rabbi Nachtner asked me to cover for him. Come on in.
And she wants a gett.
A what?
She wants a...
Oh, a gett.
Uh-huh. Sure.
I feel like the carpet's been yanked out from under me.
I don't know which end is up.
I'm not even sure how to react.
I'm too confused.
What reasons did she give for the rupture?
She didn't give reasons Just that,
you know, things haven't been going well.
And is that true?
I guess. I don't know.
She's usually right about these things.
I was hoping that Rabbi Nachtner could...
That he would... He would... Yes?
Well, with the benefit of his life experience.
No offense.
No, of course not I am the junior rabbi.
And it's true, the point of view of somebody who's older
and perhaps had similar problems might be more valid.
And you should see the senior rabbi as well, by all means.
Or even Marshak,
if you can get in.
He's quite busy, but maybe...
Can I share something with you?
Because I, too, have had the feeling of losing track

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