Elizabeth (1998): Elizabeth Consults Her Council


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The clip elizabeth consults her council from Elizabeth (1998) with Christopher Eccleston, Richard Attenborough

Your Grace.
Your Grace, Her Majesty has not risen.
Your Grace!
Please! Your Grace! Her Majesty is not yet ready to receive visitors.
You had best get up. There is some grave news.
My Lady, I'm sorry...
Mary of Guise has increased the French garrison in Scotland by 4,000 men.
Perhaps more.
I'm afraid the French mean to attack while we are still weak...
...and while Your Majesty's reign is still uncertain.
What is your counsel?
Madam, we must with all haste raise an army to march upon Scotland.
Can... can...?
Can we not send emissaries?
There is no time for that! As Queen we look to you for action...
...unless you are content to wait for the French to send more reinforcements.
Are you all in agreement?
I say there has never been a better time to abate the French pride.
War is a sin, but sometimes a necessary one.

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