Elizabeth (1998): Elizabeth is in Despair


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The clip elizabeth is in despair from Elizabeth (1998) with Cate Blanchett, Geoffrey Rush

Where are my councillors?
I know not, Madam.
Where is Lord Robert?
Lord Robert, Madam, has gone hunting.
Leave me.
Go! Go!
I regret to inform Your Majesty of our miserable defeat in Scotland.
The Bishops still demand Your Majesty's removal.
They find support in every quarter.
Alas, Madam, we are come already to catastrophe.
How dare you come into my presence!
Why do you follow me here?
It is my business to protect Your Majesty...
...against all things.
I do not need protection. I need to be left alone!
They should never have been sent to Scotland.
My father would not have made such a mistake.
I have been proved unfit to rule.
That is what you all think, is it not, Walsingham?
It is not for me to judge you.

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