Elizabeth (1998): Elizabeth is in Prison


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The clip elizabeth is in prison from Elizabeth (1998) with Cate Blanchett

Prisoner to the steps.
I cannot confess to something I did not do.
Your denials are in vain.
You knew of the rebellion, Madam. It is plain enough.
Where is your proof?
It was to your advantage.
You must let me see the Queen...
You despise the Queen, and the Catholic faith.
I am a true and faithful subject.
I attend Mass...
You pretend! But in your heart...
What's that? What say you, Madam?
Speak up!
Madam, if there is some small truth in these charges...
...however innocently or unknowingly you did proceed...
...you had best confess.
I ask you...
...why we must tear ourselves apart for this small question of religion.
Catholic, Protestant...!
You think it small, though it killed your mother!
We all...
We all believe in God, my Lords.
No, Madam, there is only one true belief.

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