Earthquake (1974): Ways Meet At The Bar


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The clip Ways Meet At The Bar from Earthquake (1974) with Richard Roundtree, George Kennedy

What do you say, Lou? Hiya, pal.
Rosa, the ladies room is through that door.
Still pursuing those evil-doers?
Not as hard as usual.
A couple burgers and some orange juice to go.
Two burgers, orange juice to go!
Fifty bucks, Miles. You owe me.
I'll pay you tomorrow. The 50.
You're a great bike rider but a lousy pool shooter.
Officer, you won't let him get away with this?
Fifty bucks, or I'll break your back.
Peter Fonda.
Peter Fonda. Hey, Sal, easy.
Here, take it. Take it.
Thanks... brother.
Miles, what are you doing? I got a dollar and loose change.
Hey, Lou. Lend me 10 bucks.
I can't go to the bank.
Stop breathing gas fumes.
Lou, this is an emergency.
We need that butane tank for the stunt.
That bastard left me 10 bucks short.
I'll have it back to you tomorrow.
Come on, Lou. This is really important to me.
This big Vegas hotel guy is coming to see this act.
There's never been anything like this.
If that hotel sponsors us,
I could wind up on ABC's Wide World of Sports.
After that, you could forget about Evel Knievel.
It would be just the Miles Quade story.
I'm sorry I arrested you two.
I been paying for it ever since.
Rosa, meet Lou Slade.
He flattened Miles and I with a blackjack...

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