Earthquake (1974): Second Earthquake Part 2


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The clip Second Earthquake Part 2 from Earthquake (1974)

It's a new one.
I'm a technician. You're a watchman.
Don't teach me my business.
It wasn't there!
There's no such thing as solid concrete.
Hairline cracks appear. You don't panic over them.
The water's up half an inch.
He's right. What the hell is going on?
It could all be coincidence.
I don't see running wild over some untested theory...
at least until we've heard from Frank Adams.
After all, it's his research project, not Walt's.
We can't find Frank Adams.
No one was sure the atom bomb would work till they dropped it.
Our present problem is...
what do we do now?
We warn people.
Do we?
Think about it.
A public announcement now...
that a major earthquake is imminent.
That could create incredible panic.
People climbing over people trying to leave the city.
That could be worse than the quake itself.
An orderly evacuation could save thousands.

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