Earthquake (1974): Rosa and The Soldier


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The clip Rosa and The Soldier from Earthquake (1974) with Marjoe Gortner

Miss Amici?
Miss Amici?
You better eat.
This is nice and fresh from the deli.
Many guys with hair over regulation length wear them.
I really used to look forward to seeing you in the supermarket.
You never complained like all the rest of those women.
Thank you.
I hope the lousy store was knocked flat.
Pretty soon, I'll have enough saved to open a karate school.
There's money in karate.
I'll give you free lessons.
I'm not really very hungry.
It's a hot night out. You should take off that jacket.
You always liked me, too. I could tell.
You never said anything, but I could tell.
don't hurt me.
It's no real fun that way.

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