Spy Game (2001): Bishop's Arrest Denied


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The clip bishop's arrest denied from Spy Game (2001)

Thank you.
Have a nice day. Thank you.
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More on this late-breaking story, we go live to Hong Kong.
In a late-breaking development of the incident reported earlier...
... rumors that Tom Bishop, an alleged CIA operative...
... had been captured in an act of espionage...
... now appears to be a hoax. Tom Bishop died 14 months ago.
While the CIA has made no official comment...
... sources close to the Agency have confirmed Bishop's death late last year.
The story is attributed to an overzealous member of the Chinese government...
... who leaked the false information...
... in the hopes of undermining the current U.S. Trade negotiations.
This is Frank Nall, live in Hong Kong.
Mr. Muir?
3:30 pm
Told you, you'd miss it.
Who do you trust in Military Intelligence?
I co-signed Martha Rayburn's car loan.
Listen, Gladys, I got to buy some time here.
I'm gonna need the imagery analysis for a military prison near Su Chou.
And if you use the phones, don't use these.
Any chance I could lose my job over this?
Good. I didn't want to work for Andy Unger anyway.

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