Spy Game (2001): Research


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The clip research from Spy Game (2001)

What are you doing?
What you should have done.
Your homework.
Nathan, she set us up with Ahmad.
Yeah? So she's just an asset?
Did it ever occur to you she might see you as an asset?
Yes, it did, and I'm telling you, you're wrong.
How did you two meet?
Did you mark her, or was it the other way around?
Did she get you to do her any favors?
Nathan, you're out of line.
Drop it. It's under control.
How about him?
Rajiq Nabih. You got him under control? Hezbollah.
She uses him to finance her camp, and he uses her for God knows what.
Now tell me I'm wrong, Tom.
Tell me you knew about him.
I don't know what the fuck you're doing.
My personal life is my business. You stay out of it!
Like heck.
Sure, "Terry", I'll stay out of your personal life.
Taxi, s'il vous pla�t. Oui, madame.

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