Spy Game (2001): Spy Training


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The clip spy training from Spy Game (2001) with Robert Redford, Brad Pitt

Technology gets better every day, and that's fine.
But most of the time, all you need is a stick of gum, a pocketknife and a smile.
That's disappointing. Guten Morgen.
Today we're going to be discussing a radio set.
Not just any radio set, but a Russian radio set.
Every building, every room, every situation is a snapshot.
I'm sitting here talking to you, I'm also checking the room, memorizing it.
The people, what they're wearing. Then I ask:
"What's wrong with this picture?" "Anything suspect?"
You got to see it, assess it, and then dismiss most of it without thinking.
Without thinking? Like breathing.
You breathe, don't you?
Always carry cigarettes and a lighter. It's a great icebreaker.
Einen Kaffee, bitte. Zwei.
Listen, but I want your concentration...
...to be on something different, anything, so you don't react. Understand?
So, when do I get my first assignment?
When I decide you're ready.
What is your name?
Michael Sandville.
The suit in the kitchen.
Wait, how'd you see that?
See that apartment building?

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