Spy Game (2001): Phone Call to China


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The clip phone call to china from Spy Game (2001) with Stephen Dillane, Larry Bryggman

What Operation are you working for?
What's your connection with the prisoner?
Who hired you?
They shut down my secure line. Last day and all. Can I use yours?
I'm sorry, it's classified. Do you mind?
I said nothing there. It's not in English?
It's not in English, either. This fax just came in.
So, sir, you and Muir came up together, right?
How well do you know him?
No one knows Nathan, not really.
Do you trust him?
He's a man who got the job done.
Is he on the job now?
Office of Security, Hong Kong.
At 6:50 this morning, a call originated from station to Muir's home.
He knew about Bishop before he got here?
He played dumb. This is Harker.
I need confirmation on all calls in and out of Nathan Muir's office.
Gee, I'm hungry.
Hong Kong Herald. Digger Gibson, please.
One moment, sir.
Hello. Gibby, old boy.
Nathan! To what do I owe this honor?
You still have contacts at CNN? I got something for you.
Talk to me.
How about, "CIA operative caught in the act of espionage"?
Can you get that on the air?
That won't be easy.
Come on, Gibby.
That's never stopped you before.
Give me 30 minutes.

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