Spy Game (2001): Complications


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The clip complications from Spy Game (2001)

And then on Thursday...
... the day before the sheik's physical...
... the Druze and the Party of God started a street war in South Beirut.
The sheik got antsy, and the water boiled over.
Tom Bishop on the phone.
The sheik wants him there within the hour.
Here we go.
Nathan, the doc is not with me.
Where is he?
The Amal retaliated, shelling the Palestinian camp.
You let him go?
You let her take him?
I'm on my way now.
The Lebanese militia isn't an option.
If the sheik gets away, we're dead in the water.
No, I can get him there! Just trust me.
Get out of the way!
Ahmad, it's time. I'm sorry, we've got to go now.

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