Spy Game (2001): Waiting for Friday


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The clip waiting for friday from Spy Game (2001)

Intelligence showed us that he was planning a major attack...
... on the civilian sector of West Beirut.
We were on the clock, and we knew this was our only chance.
It was imperative that everything went according to plan.
Bishop baby-sat the doctor...
... and the rest of us tried not to watch the water boil.
And, to satisfy Langley, I met with the Lebanese militia...
...who were more than just a little excited about even the possibility...
...of putting their bomb squad into action against the sheik...
... in case the plan with the doctor failed.
Monsieur, bonjour.
The militia was purely a backup. Not a real option.
And then there was the waiting. That's the worst part.
Gives you too much time to consider, "What if?"

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