Freddy Vs. Jason (2003): Police Organization


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The clip Police organization from Freddy vs. Jason (2003) with Kyle Labine

Sheriff, I've been compiling info...
based on eyewitness reports of the hockey mask killer.
We already know who did this.
Sheriff, we closed down the school...
and set up a curfew for anyone under eighteen.
Now I want twenty-four-hour roadblocks set up.
Nobody leaves town, nobody gets in.
We're gonna contain this son of a bitch...
before he spreads any further.
Yes, sir.
Sir, shouldn't we have the F.B.I. come in and--
No outsiders, Stubbs.
We can handle this. We've stopped him before.
OK, I'm a little lost here.
Stopped who before?
We don't say his name out loud.
You're not from around here.
I don't expect you to understand.
With all due resect, Sheriff...
I think we have a copycat of the old Jason Voorhees...
Crystal Lake killer on our hands--
You listen to me.
We do things around here a certain way for a reason...
and that's given us four years of peace.
So you either do your job and keep your mouth shut...
or, so help me God, I will lock you up!
Do you understand me?!
Yes, sir.
Why don't we all just leave?
No, even if we leave, Freddy can still get us.
We all know about him. We're all afraid of him.
It was our fear that gave him his power.
We're marked now.
Man, screw that clown.
I mean, what kind of a pussy...
comes after you in your dreams anyway?
Now, that big-ass mother fucker back at the cornfield...
all right, that's who we should be afraid of.
Tell me who the fuck that was.
His name was Jason Voorhees.
How'd you know we were here?

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