Freddy Vs. Jason (2003): Elm St.


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The clip Elm st. from Freddy vs. Jason (2003) with Monica Keena, Katharine Isabelle

Marry, fuck, or kill? Your choices are--
your choices are the Three Stooges.
Go, Kia.
Oh, God...
Which one had the super-bad toupee hair?
Harry, Mar--
No! No, no, no. It was Moe.
Either one, I'd kill him.
OK, who'd you fuck, then?
This is stupid, y'all.
Come on. Come on.
Oh, God. Whatever, look.
I'd fuck the bald guy, and I'd marry Larry.
Jesus. Is this what we're doing all night?
'Cause, y'all, this is really stank.
Hey! Gibb, what are you doing?
I thought you were gonna quit.
I only smoke when I drink now.
But you're always drinking.
Yeah, well, I'll work on that next.
Hey, OK.
I got another one.
Fred, Scooby, or Shaggy?
Oh! I'm not answering that and neither is she.
Do you guys think I should get a nose job?
Oh, my God.
Oh, please, Kia, what you need is a lobotomy.
I think I'm gonna get some candles.
I'm gonna get some beer. Do you guys want anything?
Are you sure you should be driving?
I'm so under the limit, Lori.
Oh, Trey. You answered my prayers.
Thank you.
Whoa, babe!
What'd I tell you about kissing me...
after you've smoked, huh?
Lighten up. They're menthols.
Yeah. I brought Blake. Where's Linda?
It's Lori.
This is her house, so don't be a total cocksmith.

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