Freddy Vs. Jason (2003): Same Old Killing


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The clip Same old killing from Freddy vs. Jason (2003)

We need to lock this down now.
Keep it contained, you hear me?
Killed in bed.
It's even the same damn house.
1428 Elm.
It's gotta be him, right?
It's gotta be Freddy Krueger.
Hey! Don't even say...
that son of a bitch's name out loud.
Let's just keep it together.
We've been through too much to let this thing spread now.
Take all the kids down to the station.
Keep them separate. Do it now.
Yes, sir.
We'll be in touch.
Thank you. Let's go home.
She doesn't know anything.
None of them do.
I'm pretty sure we're good.
Pretty sure? You better make damn sure...
none of those kids knows anything...
or I'll send your ass up to Westin Hills with them.
Knows what? What do you mean?
Good work there tonight, Stubbs.
Right place, right time.
But we'll take it from here, all right?
Your father's on his way.
Do they know who did this?
No, not yet.
But I thought I heard...
one of the officers mention a name.
You know, to tell you the truth, Lori...
I--I just moved here about a month ago...
but if they have a suspect, I'd be the first to know.
But they asked me all these really weird questions...
Iike about my dreams--
What was the name?
What was the name?

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