Screwed (2000): Grover Attacks Miss Crock


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The clip grover attacks miss crock from Screwed (2000)

Answer the door.
Honest to God, he kills me.
His father never would have goofed off like this.
He's never around when... I'm coming!
Who the hell are you?
Who the hell are you?
This is who the hell I am!
I'm wanted by every cop in Pittsburgh!
I don't even know what I did wrong!
Oh, my God.
You're the son of a bitch who's got my money!
What money? I never got no $100,000.
$100,000 my ass!
It was five million big ones!
What are you, batty?
The deal was for $100,000.
What deal?
You ripped me off!
Good shot, huh?
Would you get the hell out of my house?
Where's Willard?
Where's Willard?
Where is he?
You want Willard? I'll get him.
Don't do that to me!
You think I'm stupid?
I'll get him!
You sons of bitches ain't ripping me off!
Holy shit!
Go on!
Oh, my God! Help me!
Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Come here, sweetie pie!
I got you!
I got you. Watch your head.
Come on!
Muffin! Muffin, attack!
Nice doggy.
Please, attack!
Come on!

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