Screwed (2000): Rusty and Willard Are Arrested


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The clip rusty and willard are arrested from Screwed (2000)

Get me out of here!
The pain! I got a medical condition.
All right, Fillmore. Time to talk.
My dick hurts!
I want the truth. What's your connection to Rusty P. Hayes?
I've known Rusty my whole life. Our mothers were in church choir together.
I don't even know this chauffeur guy, all right?
The first time I seen him was in my restaurant, two weeks ago.
Last night, like every week, I called up Rusty...
...and told him to come and watch Monday Night Football.
Last night was Thursday.
Yeah. I'm sorry. It wasn't Monday Night Football. It was Oprah.
Last night, I get this call to make a delivery... this Wilbur guy.
You mean, Willard.
Yeah, right. Willard.
So anyway, I drive up to this mansion in my chicken delivery truck.
You know your truck was impounded at the airport earlier that day?
It was?
Yeah, right. No, I was on foot.
So anyway, the doorbell rings, and it's the kidnappers!
So, they started chasing us.
And then Miss Crock, I remember she showed up.
She ran in, and she'd just been taking a bath, so she was nude.
Of course, naturally, this upset everybody.
Gunshots started going off, man.
The windows was exploding, I heard screaming.
So, I run to my truck as fast as I can.
I mean, I run away because I was scared.
Chip Oswald says you hit him over the head with a desk lamp.
No, he's mistaken.
He's mistaken. That was not me.
So, Rusty's got this desk lamp and he's beating the hell out of Chip.

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