Screwed (2000): Chip is Arrested


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The clip chip is arrested from Screwed (2000) with Dave Chappelle

First, I wanna upgrade the assembly line.
Toss out minced meat.
Bring in vanilla custard.
Then, I'm gonna mix strawberry into the rhubarb.
Freeze! You're under arrest.
Chip Oswald... are under arrest for the kidnappings of Willard Fillmore and Virginia Crock.
That is ridiculous! How dare you!
I demand you leave my house!
Put on your pants. You're going to jail.
All right, let's get them hands behind your back.
Oh, my God! It's the new Village People.
You're all crazy!
Put down that gun!
I'm not going back to prison!
What do you mean...
... "back"?
Up yours!
I've got nothing from all of those years of suffering, working for you!
Nobody does.
Stay out of this!
I'll see you all in hell!
I'll slice you and I'll dice you...
...and I'll bake you all into meat pies!
Well, it's an ugly ending, but the case is solved.
I knew he was the kidnapper the whole time.
Never trust a black man named Chip.

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