Screwed (2000): Miss Crock and Willard Talk Things out


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The clip miss crock and willard talk things out from Screwed (2000)

Hurry up! Hurry up!
Any word yet on that car?
Yeah, it's been spotted on Mabley Terrace.
Mabley Terrace? Jesus.
I'll need some backup. Let's go!
Grover, you have to let Miss Crock go. Too much shit's going on.
No way! I'm out $18 for groceries.
Here's $20, all right?
I can't break no $20.
Keep the change!
All right.
Miss Crock, we're here to rescue you.
How dare you kidnap yourself!
You tried to swindle me?
I am going to have your ass!
Miss Crock, I'm sorry.
What nerve!
After all I've done for you.
I was under a lot of pressure, and I...
After all you've done for me?
Willard Fillmore, the building is surrounded!
What exactly, Miss Crock, did you ever do for me?
I've been your slave for 15 years! I worked my butt off!
And then, when I got kidnapped, you wouldn't even pay the ransom money!
Well, after all, you...
... were just a hired servant.
Well, does a hired servant watch TV with you when you're lonely?
Does a hired servant read to you that time you broke your glasses?
Does a hired servant visit you in the hospital when nobody else does?
I did everything my father would've.
Not everything.
Your father was, a very special man.
He provided extra services.
Oh, my God.
Your dad didn't say, "Stick with Miss Crock. You'll get ahead. "

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