Screwed (2000): Preparing the Ransom Exchange


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The clip preparing the ransom exchange from Screwed (2000) with Elaine Stritch, Norm MacDonald

You think the cops are gonna show up at the stadium?
You kidding me, man? It's gonna be like rush hour at Dunkin' Donuts.
I'll be waiting for you in the Runway Lounge.
Don't forget. The flight's at midnight.
Then, tomorrow...
... we'll be lying on the beach.
Sipping margaritas.
Smoking a fatty.
This is the most distressful day of my life.
Do we have to pay them all the money?
I mean, couldn't we, I don't know, sort of shortchange them a little?
Virginia, bite the bullet.
I'm sure your taxman will figure a way to write it off.
That's a lot of green.
Jesus Christ, I don't know what the hell the wheel is doing on this side of the car.
God almighty, I don't know how poor Willard ever put up with this shit.
This is the kidnapper.
How'd you get my number?
Shut up! There's been a change in plan.
Don't go to no stadium.
I gotta go to the stadium.
You're not gonna do nothing until I tell you to, you smelly old bitch.
Nowlisten... meet me at Midtown Park.
That place isn't safe after dark!
Cork it! I'll see you there in ten minutes.
Quick, get me the police!
I'm still here!
Try any more games like that, I'll put a bullet through Willard's head.

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