Oldboy (2003): Promising Sex


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The clip promising sex from Oldboy (2003) with Hye-jeong Kang

That was very bad of me
After bringing you here and rejecting you,
I understand why you're mad
I do
I brought you here because I like you, too
You even don't know my name
I'm Mido
You see
When I'm really ready later,
I swear on my life that I will
That song, "The Face I Miss" in your diary, That's the sign
When I sing it
then get yourself ready
When it actually happens...
I could resist again at the heat of the moment
But no matter what don't ever back out
Just give it to me!
Give it
to me?
The ants...
Do you still see them?
Do you still feel that way?
Yeah, if you're alone you see the ants
Very lonely people that I met
they all hallucinated ants at one time
After I thought about it
ants move around in groups
you know So I guess very lonely people keep thinking about ants

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