Oldboy (2003): Beg to Keep Information from Daughter


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The clip beg to keep information from daughter from Oldboy (2003) with Min-sik Choi

I beg you
Please don't tell Mido
What has she
done wrong?
You know it was all my fault
I have...
I have committed a terrible sin
to your sister
And I was very wrong to you
I'm really sorry
So what I'm saying is...
So please leave Mido alone, okay?
Mido finds out the truth,
you asshole,
I'll rip your whole body apart,
and no one will be able
to find your body anywhere
Because I'm going to chew it all down
Woojin, I made a mistake
Please forget what I said
Sir! Boss!
We're Evergreen Old Boys
remember? With the energy from a green pine tree
the Great Sangnok High...
I'll do whatever you want
I'll do anything I beg you
Woojin, if you want me
to be a dog, I will!
I'm Woojin's dog from now on!

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