Oldboy (2003): Going to Meet Kidnapper


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The clip going to meet kidnapper from Oldboy (2003)

That's what Lee Woojin believes
what does July 5th stand for?
That's the day
Lee Soo ah died
Now it's over
Instead of seeking revenge
you wanted to find out why you were imprisoned, right?
Now we'll run away where he can never find us, right?
I can't end it like this
Seeking revenge has become a part of me
But you don't even know where he lives
Like a gazelle from the hand of the hunter...
Like a bird from the snare of the fowler...
Free yourself
It's a phrase from "Jamon" 6, verse 4
Jamon in English means Maxim
And Evergreen said
he lives in a high tower
So six and four
must just be floors

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