Going My Way (1944): Paying for the Window


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The clip Paying for the window from Going My Way (1944)

I think you're just playing hard to get along with.
Maybe a little security might help?
These were given to me.
Why don't you keep them until I've made good? Maybe they'll make you feel better.
They're mother of pearl, you see?
If that'll satisfy you, I'll run along.
Hey, you, here, I got no use for this. First place, I don't believe in it.
As a matter of fact, I don't believe in anything.
I can believe that.
I'm an atheist. Besides, I'm superstitious.
All right, then, I'm sorry about the window. I'll have it fixed.
Can I have the ball back?
You even throw like an atheist.
Mrs. Carmody, did the young priest come yet?
He's here, but he insisted on changing his clothes before seeing you.
That's nice. Tidy himself up a bit.
Hello, Father.
I'm your new curate, Father.
If you'll excuse my appearance.

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