Going My Way (1944): Carol's Way Part 3


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The clip Carol's way Part 3 from Going My Way (1944)

Whether to write the nation's songs or go my way.
Any regrets, Father?
Regrets? No.
I get a great happiness out of helping people realise that...
religion doesn't have to be this.
Taking all the fun out of everything.
It can be bright.
Bring you closer to happiness. Do you go to church, Ted?
Or would you rather I change the subject?
If I could just express musically what I have in my mind...
it would be much more eloquent.
It would sound simpler, and you'd remember it.
Sometimes the spoken word can be pretty dull.
You mean, sing your sermons, Father?
Yeah, sort of.
Have you had anything published?
Will you play us one of your unpublished ones?
This road leads to Rainbowville
going my way?
Up ahead is Bluebird Hill
going my way?
Just pack a basket full of wishes
and off you start
With Sunday morning
in your heart
Round the bend you'll see a sign

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