Going My Way (1944): Carol's Way Part 2


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The clip Carol's way Part 2 from Going My Way (1944)

Well, up to here, we're all surprised.
Naturally, before throwing me out, he had to know a little about me.
So in a few well-chosen sentences, I gave him the details.
Sort of like I told you.
And you found a landlord with a heart of gold.
Well, not exactly a heart of gold, Father, but...
Well, we had the apartment vacant, and it seemed a shame to throw her out.
Anyway, what's wrong with that?
Nothing that I know of, up to here.
As I was saying, it was a shame to throw her out.
Like Mrs. Quimp?
Yeah. No! Well, that's different.
I can see that, obviously.
She told me about coming to see you and that you wanted to help her.
You don't have a corner on helping people, do you?
And besides, I've practically got her lined up in a job.
Yes, and as soon as I get it, I'm going to pay him back.
Every nickel of it. You too, Father.
No hurry about me.
Rather a nice-looking piano you have here.
Well, she needs one, doesn't she?
She's got to practice. She's a singer.
It was very thoughtful.
Of course, pianos are a little expensive these days.
I asked her first if she couldn't play a ukulele.
Well, then naturally...
Yeah, naturally.
Carol tells me you can play, Father.
How about trying it out to see if I got a good buy?
Yes, play something for us, Father.
Would you mind us asking you a few questions, Father?
Where'd you get that wicked left hand?
Well, I've always been interested in music.
Used to write a bit of it at school. I had a little band.
We used to play for the school dances.
O'Malley's Orioles.
You know, at one time I had quite a decision to make:

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