Going My Way (1944): Carol's Way


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The clip Carol's way from Going My Way (1944)

Come in.
Hello, Father.
Hello, Carol.
Hi, Father.
I heard you. That's more like it.
Thank you, Father.
Maybe it's because I'm putting more meaning into the words.
Very nice here, isn't it?
Very nice.
Before you go any further...
You mean it's all in my mind?
That's right.
Yes, I'm sure Father is just dying to hear more of the details.
Won't you sit down?
I was going down the street, minding my own business, too...
when who do you think just happened by, purely by accident, of course...
and pulled up alongside of the curb?
Ted Haines, Jr.
And what do you think his approach was? You tell him.
I prefer not to remember.
Well, being a woman, I do.
His exact words were, "Hey, good-looking, what's cooking?"
Now wait a minute.
What I really said was, "Who do you know that I know?"
You know, that's worse.
Well, that was that.
And with practically no more of a build up than that, he asked me to lunch.
Who knows? It might have worked. It's been known to.
So after I'd cooled him off, I came back here.
No job, no money, expecting to be thrown out any minute.
There was a knock on the door. I said to myself, "The landlord. Here it comes."
And who do you think was there?
Right. I was so surprised.
So was I.

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