Going My Way (1944): Starting the Choir


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The clip Starting the choir from Going My Way (1944)

'Cause I said so, see?
Hey, fellas, look.
Lace panty-coats. Yeah, lace panty-coats.
First thing you know, he'll be charming us into these things.
Yeah, making altar boys out of us.
Hold it. First guy up, I kick his teeth in, see?
Look, you, O'Malley's a right guy, see? Pick him up.
Look, you, O'Malley's a right guy, see?
He didn't rat on us about the turkeys, did he?
Took us to a baseball game? Yeah.
Bought us hot dogs, didn't he? Yeah.
He's gonna take us to a picture show, ain't he?
How do we know?
Hello, Father. Say hello to the Father.
Hello, Father.
Hi, fellas.
Where'd you get the outfit? It's the St. Louis Browns.
I used to work out with them. They thought I brought them luck.
When I left, they gave it to me.
That's the outfit to wear in a cellar.
Oh, you, knocking my team.
I guess you fellas wonder why I asked you down here.
Father, I want to talk to you a minute.
Wanna see me?
Just a minute.
Pardon me, boys.
Tony, what's on your mind?
Well, Father, so you won't have no beef coming, I'm laying it on the line, okay?
Okay. They're here. Like I promised.
Only, you should have heard them squawk. Worse than that turkey.
They did?
Yeah, they figured being a priest...
you were gonna slip them the old routine.
Personally, I'm for giving you a break. What I say goes.
Swell of you, Tony.
It ain't nothing, Father.
Only, the way it is now, I'm on the hook for you, see?
I'm responsible for you. Get me?
I won't let you down.
Maybe you won't, but you step out of line once...
me and the gang will drop you like you were a hot potato.
Okay. Can I talk to them now?
Sure, go ahead.
Boys, I'm not gonna do much talking.

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