Going My Way (1944): The Stolen Turkey


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The clip The stolen turkey from Going My Way (1944)

Good afternoon, boys. Hello, Father.
That's a fine fat bird you have there.
We was sort of bringing it over for you.
It's sort of a present. Ain't it, Herman?
That's very generous of you. Such a fine bird and all.
Now, where may I ask did you get it?
We got...
We won it in a raffle over at the theatre.
We were lucky.
Isn't that great?
But, surely, your mother...
Except on Christmas, Ma don't like turkey.
She don't?
That's most fortunate for me.
There's nothing I'm more partial to than a nice tom turkey.
Roasted, all with dressing.
I appreciate your kindness, boys.
It ain't nothing, Father.
On the contrary, I appreciate the thought behind it.
Small luxuries, like small sacrifices, are ofttimes the most godly.
Bless you both. Thank you.
Take it inside the kitchen to the housekeeper.
Okay, Father, we'll see you later.
So you guaranteed Mrs. Quimp's rent?
Of course. St. Dominic's can't afford it.
I expected you to counsel Mrs. Quimp, not to adopt her.
Hot turkey.
Hot? Of course it's hot.
That's what I say.

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