Going My Way (1944): A Letter from Jenny


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The clip A letter from Jenny from Going My Way (1944)

Miss Linden sent you a cheque with her love.
How's the pilot light burning now?
It's burning brighter, Chuck.
It's a long road back, but we've started.
You know, I've a feeling that St. Dominic's may rise again.
Sure it'll rise again.
You know, I think I'll get up meself.
You better stay there and get some rest.
I feel better.
No, you don't feel near that good.
Here now, boys. Go on home.
Your dinner's ready. Go on home.
Bye, Father. Goodbye, Father.
Bye, Father.
Fine girl, Miss Linden. Very thoughtful. Very generous.
Let's close this up. Keep the sawdust out.

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