Going My Way (1944): Daughter-in-law Part 4


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The clip Daughter-in-law Part 4 from Going My Way (1944)

So long, sweet.
God bless you.
Goodbye, Dad. That plane you gave me did the trick.
When they found out about my 600 hours in the air, they said, "Bud, we want you in."
Be nice to her, Dad. She'll grow on you.
Goodbye, boy.
He's gone, Dad.
Max, you have to do this for me and I don't want any arguments about it.
I'm afraid we got all the songs we need. Our catalogue is full.
Now wait a minute. I've been to a lot of trouble to arrange this.
So grab your hat and a taxi and get right over here.
Yes, now. This very minute.
If you don't, I'll put the Irish curse on you.
Goodbye, Father.
That's Father O'Dowd, a friend of mine.

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