Road to Morocco (1942): Nodding Heads


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The clip Nodding Heads from Road to Morocco (1942)

This way!
Come on, nipper. Shake a slipper!
Okay, lover. Head for cover!
You two girls hide in there, quick!
No, not you!
We'll stay here and hold them off. Yeah, we'll-
Who, us? Who are you kidding? Let's spread out.
Two of you that way. Search the tower!
Search the palace!
Two of you in there.
Search,you dogs.!
My white stallion to the man who brings me their heads.
They must learn what it means to incur the wrath of Mullay Kassim.
They're not in here. There's no trace of them.
Highness, we cannot find them.
We must find them and slit their throats. Yes, Your Highness.!
They shall die slowly. Their tongues shall be ripped out.!
Their ears shall be sliced off and dried on sticks.
Search the corridors!
We'll find them if we have to tear down the palace! Yes, Your Highness.

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