Road to Morocco (1942): Finding Water


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The clip finding water from Road to Morocco (1942)

I don't know whether I can make it.
My legs feel like they're cut off near my Adam's apple.
I guess that kiss took too much out of you, huh?
Come on. Get aboard.
If I'm too heavy, I'll throw my hat away.
Leave your head in it, huh?
Hey, come on! Look! Water!
Oh, oh, oh!
This is a bit of all right! How about this!
What are you doing? My radiator's dry.
Where there's water, there's life, people!
All we gotta do is follow the stream. Oh, there's a herring.
Come along! Ya-hoo!
What do you make of it? We'd better take it easy...
until we find out whose joint it is.
It might be a camel motel.

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