Road to Morocco (1942): Sneak into Camp


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The clip sneak into camp from Road to Morocco (1942) with Bing Crosby, Bob Hope

Those are Mullay Kassim's gorillas!
That joint must be their hideout. We gotta save the girls.
We'll have to storm the place.
You storm. I'll stay here and drizzle.
I got something that can't miss! So have they... guns!
Listen to every word.
We don't have to wait for night.
We just go up on the place...
There's no one. There were two men in the horse lines.
When they ran, I shot at them.
You've been drinking koolash again!
Think they know we're here? We're still wearing our heads.
That was the dopiest idea, you thinking you could skin a horse and put me inside.
How would I look being a horse? Just the same.
We gotta get back to where we started from and wait till dark.

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